Toronto’s first immersive cannabis experience is opening May 30th! Alchemy Canna corp. is opening phase one of its retail space in a prefabricated store at 2464 Dufferin Street. Alchemy is the first mover in North America in a prefabricated store that is the global leader in experiential environments. This marks the first time cannabis will be legally sold in this format. The store will be open to visitors on Saturday and the first 2 people in line will have a chance to win a Bicycle from RB-Inc Sports.

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The prefabricated manufactured retail cannabis structure is made out of a shipping container. Already built and compliant by all AGCO rules, including cameras, safe, point of sale systems. This container can drop at concerts, events and even at gas stations along major highways for long weekends. Designed for rapid deployment of all types of traditional and alternative environments. These are fully compliant, secure and tech-driven Cannabis environments that include digital experience — led by industry innovators with an extensive track record of proven results. They are optimized for maximum security, regulatory compliance and awesome customer experiences.

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The Alchemy Cannabis Shop in Toronto is a prefabricated store will be fully stocked and available to be moved to any desired location upon opening. This is the first Cannabis retail space of it’s kind in North America, that will disrupt the industry by taking experiential events to the next level.

Alchemy will carry the top-selling Canadian (Cannabis products), and North American (accessories) dependent on the category — the best high, mid, low price: Sativa, Indica, Hybrid, CBD, highest calibre strains, specific strains, edibles, concentrates topicals.

Phase one of the Alchemy store will be opening in April but stay tuned for the official date. If you’re interested in learning more or booking the Alchemy prefabricated store please email:

UPDATE 11/20: Alchemy Is open and happy to serve its customers with recent renovations.


About Alchemy

Designed by Studio Paolo Ferrari, the retail space lives in a reimagined container located at 2464 Dufferin street in Toronto. The journey starts with our welcome room, which fuses the outside world with the inside — a skylight feature brings the sun to a tropical plant area and includes eight small window digital kaleidoscopes.

Alchemy consists of the fastest check through process flow in Ontario with 12 point-of-sale systems, an additional eight ordering stations, and 36 lift-and-learn sniff jars providing the best digital learning experience, as well as a captivating accessory room.

The space also includes a learning centre, a full digital wall and a checkout area to expedite your order. You can place a pre-order before reaching the store to guarantee a smooth pick up and minimal wait times. Centrally located in the middle of Toronto, Alchemy is wheelchair accessible with plenty of parking. We also have a billboard on top of the building that allows us to advertise different areas of interest in the Cannabis Industry and the latest trends in Ontario.

UPDATE 11/20: Alchemy Is open – Place an Order Now