Are you looking to broaden your cannabis experience? Cannabis concentrates are an awesome alternative to joints, vapes, and edibles. 

If you’re new to concentrates, you’re in the right place. Read on for some tips that will help you choose the best cannabis concentrates and cannabis shatter in Toronto. We’ll also highlight some of our most popular products.

What Are Cannabis Concentrates?

A cannabis concentrate is a type of essential oil extracted from the cannabis plant. 

Essential oils are nutrient-rich fats created by plants for survival. They contain fragrances, bitter flavours, and antimicrobial compounds. Cannabis concentrates, sometimes referred to as cannabis resin, are no exception to this rule.

Cannabis resin contains high concentrations of plant compounds (cannabinoids), including THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which is responsible for the “high” feeling the plant provides. It also contains non-psychoactive cannabinoids like CBD (cannabidiol), a

Types of Cannabis Concentrates

Cannabis concentrates are sold in a variety of forms. The following are some of the most common ones you’ll find on dispensary shelves in Toronto:

Live Resin

To produce live resin, cannabis is frozen right after it’s harvested. This allows the plant to retain its potent terpene (flavour and aroma compounds) profile.

Live resin is usually dark yellow in colour. It’s very malleable and sticky without being overly wet.


Rosin is made using a unique extraction process that combines heat and pressure. 

This process squeezes out resinous sap and produces a very sticky substance that sometimes appears translucent. It’s often gold or dark brown in colour. 


Hash is made by compressing the trichomes (tiny hair-like growths) of the cannabis plant. It’s often sold in blocks that are firm but still moist and pliable. You can also buy it as dry sift hash, which has more of a powder-like consistency.


You can also purchase cannabis concentrates in oil or liquid drop form. This is a popular option for those who want a minimally processed product that is rich in terpenes and other plant compounds. Drops and oils can also be easier to dose.

Cannabis Concentrate

How to Choose the Best Cannabis Concentrates

As you can see, there are lots of different types of cannabis concentrates to choose from. How do you know which is right for you?

Here are some factors to consider when weighing your options:

  • Delivery method: Some cannabis concentrates, like live resin and rosin, work best when used with a dab rig; this might be intimidating to some people, but it’s preferred by a lot of experienced cannabis users 
  • Experience level: Those who are new to cannabis concentrates may prefer something like an oil that’s easier to use and dose
  • THC content: Some cannabis concentrates, such as hash or live resin, are higher in THC than others, so they will have stronger mind-altering effects

No matter what kind of cannabis concentrate you’re thinking about using, always prioritize quality. Work with a reputable dispensary so you can feel confident that you’re getting a safe and effective product.

Our Top Cannabis Concentrates

At Alchemy Canna Co, we sell only the best cannabis concentrates and cannabis shatter in Toronto. Here are some of our customers’ favourite products:

San Rafael ’71 OG Chemdawg Live Resin

This is a full-spectrum sativa cannabis concentrate. It contains 67-71% THC and 0.5% CBD. 

Produced by the award-winning brand San Rafael ‘71, OG Chemdawg has a sweet and citrusy aroma and a strong flavour. It produces a strong high that lasts for several hours.

48North Traditional Pressed Hash

If you’re interested in experimenting with a traditional pressed style of hash, this one from 48North is an excellent option to try. It’s a hand-crafted hybrid that contains 40-50% THC and 2% CBD.

All of 48North’s products are made using kief (resin glands that contain high concentrations of terpenes and cannabinoids) from the brand’s highest quality flowers.

Greybeard SLK Terp Slush Live Resin

Greybeard’s SLK Terp Slush Live Resin is a high-quality version of the HTFSE (short for High-Terpene Full-Spectrum Extract). It’s made from cannabis that’s grown outdoors and is a highly aromatic concentrate with a strong flavour.

This live resin contains 76% THC and is made from a Sativa strain. It’s known for its earthy, citrusy scent and flavour profile. It also has a granular consistency that makes it easy to dose and use in dab rigs or vape pens.

Original Stash OS.Hash10

OS.Hash10 from Original Stash is an authentic, straightforward hash that’s both firm and pliable. It’s made from a single hybrid strain and contains 30-39% THC and 1% CBD. 

OS.Hash10 comes in a resealable pouch that’s odour-proof and child-resistant. It’s easy to use and is a great pick for those on the hunt for an uncomplicated cannabis concentrate experience.

Fume Dark Helmet Flower Rosin

Dark Helmet Flower Rosin from Fume is a limited edition, single-harvest, full-spectrum extract. It’s part of the TR Signature line and is sourced from Carmel Pharms in Oro-Medonte, Ontario.

This indica rosin has notes of fresh citrus and fruit. It contains 62-68% THC and 0.1-0.5% CBD. This combination makes for a potent, relaxing experience.

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